We reflect this day on the essence of intimacy

by Ivan Donn Carswell

We reflect this day on the essence of intimacy,
from its origins in the spring-tide of youth
to an afterward secured in distant mist
in awe for the reason and to what end it endures.
We weigh the consequence,
keen with up-welling sentiment,
sense new love spring before the old
has run its course (but its course is never run);
each day adds its weight to the sum
we bear this day, to solidify with days gone by
in an endless summer’s inheritance.
Today we take time to renew our vows
and return to the mood of youthful love
with the same tremulous excitement
as beset us when we danced on its eve ‘til dawn.
© I.D. Carswell

Last updated May 02, 2015