Elegy Written in the Library of the Newry Literary Society

by John Corry

As here, alone, I muse - to Fancy's eye,
The former scenes of gaiety appear,
That filled the lively dancer's heart with joy,
When Chearfulness once held her vigils here.

Here the young lovers, linked, as partners dear,
Together danced, or to a seat retired,
And, whilst the power of Music charmed the ear,
They whispered sweeter sounds, that Love inspired.

Now, Knowledge here her altar deigns to rear,
Adorned with all that Genius can bestow;
Her treasure she displays to win the Fair,
And fill their tender hearts with Virtue's glow.

Hither the curious youth, with willing feet,
Shall come, to blend instruction with delight;
Here, various tastes shall various pleasure meet:
The Muses and the Graces here unite.

Last updated November 29, 2022