Ode for the New Year

by John Corry

Permitted by Almighty grace,
Another year of circling Time
Comes to delight the human race,
With life and light in every clime.

Now Europe's bravest sons contend
Upon the blood-besprinkled plain,
And their black fleets new horrors lend
To native dangers of the main.

Murder, by cruel Cain began,
Hath since assumed a nobler name;
And War, the fellest foe of Man,
Is sanctioned by the voice of Fame.

Beyond our little system's bound
Thro' the immensity of space,
The countless worlds that shine around,
Display the great Creator's grace.

Immortal Virtue, Truth, and Love,
On their bright orbs for ever dwell;
But, here, our wars and miseries prove
The presence of the powers of Hell.

From Hell's dark caves, relentless Wrath,
And Pride, and mad Ambition rose -
Those cruel caterers of Death -
Those fiends that foster human woes.

O! Fountain of eternal love!
With smiling Peace the nations bless -
The dreadful din of war remove,
And stern Oppression's power repress.

Then thro' the changes of the year,
Whilst Nature's varying beauties shine,
With free-will PIETY, sincere,
We'll praise thy Providence divine.

Last updated November 28, 2022