The Battlefield Nurse

She served her country thru the war
she never did complain
she held their hands
she nursed their wounds
in snow
and cold
and rain

When mortars smashed
around the tents
the surgery didn’t stop
so many lives were saved that day
upon that mountain

And when . . . the night time
finally came
and she . . . had time to rest
she still found strength
to hold the hands
of wounded
in their tents

And one day - she grew older
and left – all that she loved
and one night
she did pass away
to Father

They say that few remember her
but all she helped
will say . . .
that they will
never – once forget
dying day


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Jon H. Gutmacher resumed writing poetry in 2009 after a writing absence of almost thirty years. He previously wrote a featured poetry column for the Ojus Sun back in the 70's, and stopped upon starting law school. He is currently a criminal trial attorney in Florida specializing in weapon and self defense cases, has a very popular book on Florida and Federal firearm laws, and his own fantasy poetry website. He believes every poem should tell a complete story, and while not all of his poems are fantasy -- fantasy is his favorite subject. He often writes in allegory -- the fantasy representing current news events and situations, but in a fantasy background. Website:

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