Love, the avenue of life

When we first met I flashed upon your light, I felt so rare..
I feel your existence, It really doesn't matter if you near, neither far

This friendship in love combination, it allows my spirit to breathe so free
You are an Angel in excess of beauty, only for me to see!

Triggered by this frequency, Your melody sweeps me off my feet.
Charged through this new excitement, I suggested on us to meet.

Exciting dreams haunt me, I don't know what to expect.
Our Love burns through existence, picturing it's inflammable effect.

Alignment makes us grow, it comes with so much more and more..
Values one chance of a lifetime, the moment of truth we've been living for.

Mirrors in front absorb wisdom, for how fundamental Love is build
Responsibility, respectful in approach , so our dreams can be fulfilled

My Girl, this Love is refined through your spirit, lifted by your muse
One color I will not carry, blue I have no intention to play the blues.

I believe, I cherish, I'd like to construct a life's journey with you.
Hard experiences made me strong, my Love for you is refreshing brand new!

Empty pages in our life book chapters , transparency in a unwritten word
Right here, right now..heaven filled with firework, our message must be heard

O my lady with our laughs and pleasures, strengthened by the moon and evening breeze
Blessed I smile to you! For your burning candle enlightens my inner peace.

Heading unknown, I want to go with you,, will you say yes on my request?
Each day new happiness for health, so our love remains ! Leading either east or west

You are insane a bit crazy I am sure… we will play the game of truth
Both we might wander at times, through a cold and scary neighborhood.

Alone I dare to, accompanied by your delight I will follow through
Your so strong! My treasure!, I have no doubt, there's just no soul compared to you!

I will always fight for us, as for this is pure and real.
I feel like a kid at school, proud and determine.. our love on to reveal

Love in eternity, the grounded reason I'll follow up on you
Silent moments, to hear or listen, while we make Love the whole night through

My sweet treasure, I present myself, as for I am really true
My heart you hold, just trust upon my soul, we'll walk life’s avenue
Jorn Boor , Johannesburg SA
''This Love is yet part of an unwritten book, unspoken words divine this eternal collection gathered from the experiences through still unknown memories’’

Jorn Jakob Albert Boor, Johannesburg SA

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Open mind Free Transparent Sincere Challenging Self made Loving Hard Honest Outspoken Reasonable stubborn Spiritual High senses, * Insane enough to think I will find the trigger which will create a revolutionary mind breaking change of direction, in which each global individual draws his own road map towards mental healthy mindsets, Safety first!

Last updated October 23, 2011