Clouds Still Raining In The Dark

Clouds still raining in the dark.
So serene and silent night.
But oh! dark clouds fringing skies,
When you rise up in the air,
Peacocks spread quills in my mind
In this summer"s rainy night.

The earth is getting wet and wet
Since she met you this summer night;
Oh! her warmth is getting poured
With your might of cooling flows
Of the channels made of drops
Rushing down the heavenly vales.
Oh! night rain , cool and dark,
You rains down my hearts landscapes
Where the peacocks wake and dance!
And the darkness faints for light
Blossoming into rainbow shades.

Clouds still raining in the dark
Drop by drop it fills my heart.
Oh! luscious, dreamy, rainy night
Rush through me and fill my life.
10 October,2014

Joseph P. Thomas

Born in Chellarcovil, an ecotourism village in Kerala, India in 1962. Post graduate in Zoology and doing PG in Psychology. Employed in a State Govt. undertaking in Kerala. Writes Malayalam poetry since college years. Loves to write poems in English also. Now settled in Alleppey . Wife: Ally Joseph ; Daughter: Abha Maria(Engg. Student), Son: Ebin Thomas Joseph (Student).

Last updated October 10, 2014