I love you with my every Breath

by Joseph Plunkett

I love you with my every breath,
I make you songs like thunder birds,
Give you my life—you give me death
And stab me with your dreadful words.

You laid my head against your heart
Last night, my lips upon your breast
And now you say that we must part
For fear your heart should be oppressed:

You cannot go against the world
For my sake only—thus your phrase,
But I—God’s beauty is unfurled
In your gold hair, and in your gaze

The wisdom of God’s bride—each soul
That shares his love, and yours and mine,
Two lovers share your aureole
And one is mortal, one divine:

One came on earth that you might know
His love for you—that you deny,
Now you give me this equal blow:
One died for you, and one will die.

Last updated February 06, 2012