Over Zealous Imagination

Moonless night
Stars hidden
Shadows nonexistent
Darkness engulfs

Majestic in form
Trees gently whisper
Swaying in unison
Steadfast with strength

Quietly familiar sounds murmur
The near-silence, deafening
Small creatures scurry
Lone footsteps patter, slowly

Overzealous imagination creates sinister  figures
Eyes darting left then right
Ears pricked, listening, on high alert
Heartbeats harder, faster, stronger

Mind clouding over, gripped with fear
Confusion reigns, familiar streets now unknown
Footsteps quicken, jog, run than a sprint
Homeward bound,  door slams. 

Moonless night...

Writing poetry is like wearing in a new pair of shoes...The quality of the piece is never guaranteed until its firmly in place.

Last updated November 05, 2022