The Glasshouse

by Ken W Simpson

were dipped into hormones
then trays of sphagnum
where captured seed
from pollinated azalea pods
was scattered
to grow inside the glasshouse.

The tiny plants
were transferred to tubes
then bigger pots
until the glasshouse filled
and expanded,
prolifically growing
under mist sprays
creating heat and humidity
as an amorphously pregnant
living mass.

Pots on benches
on top of pots
verdant and fecund
almost promiscuous
smelling of soil
sweat and fertilizer.

Weeds entangled
trying to take over and strangle
until removed
and ignominiously tossed
into the compost bin.

Ken W Simpson

kenneth Walter Simpson's picture

I am an Australian poet specialising in free verse., A number of my collections are available online at Amazon and elsewhere.

Last updated February 25, 2014