as far as it goes

As far as it goes,
there is love for all.
But what no one knows,
in love we all fall.
Two or three,
maybe more.
But there's only one,
thats truly yours.
if there's a second,
it's not the first.
Because love doesnt end.
It doesnt disperse.
It keeps on going,
forever along.
it leans on showing,
love for as long.
Every love is different,
not all love is pure.
The word is adherent.
Not all love is yours.
For others no affection,
only one catches your eye.
Thier look, their complextion.
Only one is worth your time.
A story in itself,
is the word love.
For a wild tale,
love is enough.

i am a 17 year old trying to find my way into the literature world.

Last updated February 08, 2013