I'm My Father's Daughter

I'm my Father's daughter,
He came from far away.
He entered my heart
and promised that He'd stay.
He wrote all of the love songs,
and taught us how to play.

I love my Father,
and in His Home I'll remain.
For it's through His infinite love
that my love will sustain.

In His Heaven,
and upon His earth...
I'll eat upon His grapes,
and wear His beautiful mryth.

I worship my Father,
my Brother and Friend.
By His side, until the end.

No golf, no pool, nor sunshine
do I need.
All I desire is to be
His faithful steed.

God Bless You, Father
for loving me so.
From up above,
to down below.
It's off to Heaven,
I pray to go.

//your obedient daughter ...Kimberly Renee
....authored September 25, 2006
Greenville, SC

Kimberly R. Stone

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