Seeking Redemption

Alone in the dark!
Sitting in this space...

Surely, this cannot be the way
To His Heavenly place?

Searching for Grace!
His amazing Grace!

Analyzing my past...
While searching for His face!

Looking deep into the eyes -
Of each that passes by...

Questioning my mind?
Searching my very soul...

Begging for forgiveness...
Seeking to be whole.

Knowing deep within
His love is always perfect!

Without Pain
And without a doubt...

You're left to wonder
What your life is all about?

You've gone up...
You've imagined that you've arrived!

Suddenly to realize
We're all sentenced to die!

//your obedient daughter number 3....Kimberly Renee
....authored September 2006
(18 1/2 McLendon Drive, Greenville, South Carolina -
Living w/my sister Tina Jo)

Kimberly R. Stone

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