Where these mine shafts parade,lies a crowd of gleaming rocks that not the loins of any other soil can procreate its kind.
This land beneath is turgid with lucreative oil that farrow in seconds
And on this coal humus lies a forest of timber,cocoa and cotton.
They are piles of manna,nature has invented to drift off our agonies .

But why the deadless famine and drought in the guts of many?
Why should many roost in forsaken slums and dusty roads where hungry angry mosquitoes make love to them?
Thousands among us are made pollutants by the decayed rags of severe poverty and escorted everywhere by a horning convoy of flies.
Our wards,who are titled future leaders sit in minute classrooms thatched with the rays of the sun and taught with the syllabus of illiteracy.
Equally the golden certificates of the lucky youth have only made them executives of unemployed youth associations.
The little pods of cocoa sold would have saved us from been admitted by the catacombs when our health deteriorate
And not our rich sanitation would have died.
Why should we have plenty of blessings yet celebrate all these deadly plagues?

The Agokolis at work are the founders of these Egypt-like plagues that have made us walking dead
They have stored all our fortunes in their mountainous bellies and sing us beautyful speeches that equally leach off our glamorous dreams.
We are tired,men with big mouths!
Not words any more,we need our share!

My Hundred Years Old Words

Lambon Salifu Muhammeed's picture

Lambon S.Muhammed is the fifth birth of Lambon Salifu and Musah Salamatu, he is a ghanaian by nationality and a young poet who loves every genre of literature.He is a graduate of Miracle Brain School Complex(a school in Nalerigu) and Tamale Senior High(Tamasco).

Last updated January 21, 2014