My Drug Of Choice

Vulnerable to my drug of choice;
I see it sitting there in front of me-
Looking at me.
I get up and walk away, I feel it following me.

I run back to it; it sends me high,
High to an atmosphere nonexistent to mankind.
Feel the drug run through my body,
Making me so hot.

I fall back on my pillows no longer
A part of society.
“I have to quit!” I tell myself.
I get up and move my drug to the trash can.

I walk to the kitchen, it’s there,
I walk to my bedroom, it’s there.
I walk to the bathroom, it’s there.

My mind wants to be left alone,
But my body wants this relationship
To last forever.

I can taste it on the underside of my tongue;
Smell it through my burning nose.
I cannot resist the temptation that this
Drug has put upon me.

I sit indian-style on my bed looking at it;
Trying to read it.
It looks back; becoming an
Intrinsic version of myself.

I can’t keep succumbing to its hold
It has on me.
Apprehensive about rehabilitation;
Knowing I’m just going to relapse
Once I’m back in its presence.

I try to find fallacies in its reasons
To keeping a chain hold on me;
Have yet to find one.

Yet it continues to feed me logical
Reasons on why I can’t be without it.
Once again, I’m seduced into its
Everlasting love for me.

The hot rush creeps up my body;
Up, up from my toes to my calves.
Up, up to my thighs-
Up, up to my navel-
Up, up to my neck.

Never had a feeling so overwhelming
As this drug’s high.
I cannot part from it.
No never!
My man is some drug huh?

March 2011

Shanicqua Tomlinson's picture

I am a 21 year mommy to be who is married to my wonderful husband. I have been writing poetry since I was a young girl. Writing poetry is a gift from God that was passed down 4 generations. It started with my great-grandmother, then is was passed down to my grandmother, then it was passed down to my mom; and now it has been passed down to me. I had my first poem published when I was a senior in high school. That was the first time I ever presented a poem outside of my family and close friends. Since that moment, I knew that my poetry can and will take me far in life. I absolutely love to write poetry; and now I am writing monologues as well. I appreciate poetry for what it has to offer and how it makes me feel. I am using my hidden gift to touch lives around the world by publishing my work.

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