Pied à terre

Once within a break in brambly fields      
something stirred its fearful head in sleep:
Though it be woman or child, work or vision       
something that dares not hold me in derision

But till that lingering day bares your face       
with prating breath I bide my bane
And even as I clear the brake, shift the trunks       
hosannas crop up before you every dawn.

And someday as I have you in my arms       
in osculation's brimming nirvanic bliss,
May I not then turn away empty handed      
though warm in your inane atmanic face

Then as I wend my kindly way down the road      
pitch my tent on this terraqueous matter-mind
Should I then go looking for my immortality       
through doors that are forever locked to me

Or could I then lie upon nescience' impervious skies       
upon some smoky grass unmapped or husbanded
And hear the awakening cries of spring born trees      
then get up to wind my way to some factory blast

T. Wignesan

If I might be allowed to say so, I think my "first" love was poetry. Unfortunately for me, the British curricula at school did not put me in touch with the Metaphysical Poets, nor with the post-Georgian school. Almost all the school texts after World War II contained invariably Victorian narrative poems and some popular examples of Romantic poetry. I chanced upon a selection of T. S. Eliot's and Fitzgerald's Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, and a little later on Pope's An Essay on Man and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. That did the trick. Yet, I regret not having taken to prose in earnest earlier than the publication of my first collection: Tracks of a Tramp (1961). There's nothing like trying your hand at all kinds of prose exercises to come to grips with poetry. Or rather to see how poetry makes for the essence of speech/Speech and makes you realise how it can communicate what prose cannot easily convey. I have managed to put together several collections of poems, but never actually sought to find homes for them in magazines, periodicals or anthologies. Apart from the one published book, some of my sporadic efforts may be sampled at http://www.stateless.freehosting.net/Collection of Poems.htm

Last updated July 05, 2016