A Star to Come Down

Someone pulled the Stars down last night
wrapped up the Moon in bubble-wrap,

Night itself was eclipsed
horizon to horizon.

The Silver Stars settled in your eyes;
the Moon in your hair;
and Night became ours.

That day was expunged from calendars;
Orion''s Belt snapped;
Andromeda strained and parted,
pouring down smiles
into the fading Dark.

It''s You.

That''s How Much.

I have put away
Similes and Metaphors
these bow to
The Verisimilitudes.

No more smiles to invent
after yours.

All broken hearts mended now.

It''s You.
That''s How Much.

Time too
is suspended.

I have rolled up
my Heart-Break Carpet
and put it away.

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MBA, poet, short-stories and story poem. Completed over 7 books and 600 works., I came to the written word at an early age and my passion is to bring ideas, emotions and observations alive on the written page.

Last updated August 08, 2011