Broken Verbs and Writer's Block

I coddle these Broken Verbs
hold them to light
to see if they will move me
beyond this adjectival, noun less state.

I am all Metaphor and Simile
swimming in Transitivity;
in my Pluperfectness.

My Gerunds
and Participles dangle;
my Clauses fragment;
when I speak
I know only Dark Words
and Raven Poems.

Today I am tense;
My Grammar is broken
my etiology''s vague
and my words
have different and even
contradictory meanings.

I am reading the dictionary-
definition of Happiness;
it is confusing;
and depressing.
Look it up you will see.

So here now
I construct
Ist person sentences
to be
a step beyond
what Grammar I am today.

And each time I get
to the very last Clause
and the Period end
of the day,
as my Gerunds
fading away.

Lonnie Hicks

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MBA, poet, short-stories and story poem. Completed over 7 books and 600 works., I came to the written word at an early age and my passion is to bring ideas, emotions and observations alive on the written page.

Last updated August 08, 2011