In Our Time

The deep dark soil
Gradually turns to mud;
A gentle insistent patter
Right inside the cloud;
Dappled autumn hues
Of bark and leaves
Shades of browns
And intense fading greens;
And the mist-shrouded wood-smoke
Wafting lazily without a breeze;
A solitary bird whistles
A lone car hisses by –
Magical, mystical,
Pleasingly mysterious:
It is. Quietly on its own
Existing as if in a dream;
Yet this is no dreamland.
I am here, I hear, I smell
I taste and see
This cold brown log upon which I write
These thoughts of you
Wishing that we
Could have shared this moment:
Close, speaking softly touching
Making love to you;
Here in this morning
Where we both can dream
Inside the comfort of this cloud,
Lost, together in our own time.

South Africa

Mikey D Wentworth's picture

I am Michael Wentworth, a South African writer and cultural activist. ‘A Love Letter for the Epoch’ is a new collection of my poems written over the past two decades., In primary school in the 1970’s I wrote a composition for the June examination that was read to the assembled school by the principal on the day that we returned after the holidays. As I listened I realised that I had written it and I began to notice the reactions of my peers. At that moment I knew that this was what I was meant to do., Since then I have honed my craft on the streets and in the gutters; in the ghetto and the ghetto hotels; with passion and certifiable insanity. One of my first short stories won a competition in a daily newspaper while I was still at school and my poetry has been published in various compilations and anthologies as well as the African arts and culture magazine Rootz., I have been writing professionally for theatre since 1996 when I was commissioned to write a children’s play for the North West Cultural Calabash Festival. My first feature play was the only South African entrant to be short-listed for the 1997 British Council International New Playwright Competition. I have since worked as a writer on various documentaries and stage productions including an original adaptation of Can Themba’s short story ‘The Suit’, as well as the pop-opera ‘Torong – A place to dream’ which I wrote, composed and directed. My theatre credits include writing and co-directing the musical ‘Maloba – Memoirs of a Nation’, ‘Waiting’ which I also produced and which premiered at the National Arts Festival in 2008, ‘Live rAGE’ which was a birthday tribute to the poet and writer James Matthews and ‘Progres’ inspired by the life and work of Ken Saro-Wiwa., Most recently my play Just Another Friday Night which was first performed at the Volksblad Kunstevees in 2009 was performed in May this year at the Windybrow Community Festival. The play was directed by Danny Moleko., I have written for television and radio as well as various South African newspapers and magazines and I am currently working on my debut novel entitled ‘A Tale of Extra-Ordinary Madness’ while co-ordinating an arts project at an underprivileged primary school in the Eastern Cape.

Last updated July 14, 2015