Weaving waves

Bewildered, baffled, bleeding heart,
Weave waves of a ubiquitous part,
Whispering with wind what others say,
I and she care scarce for this hay.

I and she and she and I,
Speak for hours but you deny,
There she stood with exorbitant charm,
Filliping a feeling feathery and warm.

In a virtual wonderful world of woods,
She is holding onto a tenuous hood,
Of a slender vine with all divine,
Screaming, seeking salvage like a sepaline.

There appears I eerily and whimsically,
She is left flummoxed conspicuously ,
I soothe her, “fix firmly yourself to me”
Which she does unwittingly.

Then we jump into an infinite chasm,
Feeling the fillip feathery and warm.

Bewildered, baffled, bleeding heart,
Weave waves of a ubiquitous part.

Swirling swiftly into my ear,
She spells a chant that none else can hear,
Mesmerizing my thoughts and overpowering my soul,
She makes me follow her without a foul.

And then she deceives me with a smile,
Disappearing into something unknown for a while,
Was it her or a figment of mine?
Wondering, I concluded she is someone divine.

Sometimes she sneaks into my mind,
and asks, “whats the logic behind,
Admiring a non-existent me,
You know ,I m nothing more than you see ,

Bury my memories and end up this mystery,
Let my thoughts be a part of your history,
Let my ashes fuel the birth of your new soul,
Let my identity be lost over your console,

Pull yourself out of this hallucination,
Embrace the truth of with all its manifestations,
Return to the real world of sufferings my dear,
I am nothing more than a part of your fear.”

Shailendra Singh

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Last updated July 03, 2015