No Matter What You Write

The paper upon which I write
a testament to my failure;
words scratched through,
lines obliterated,
soon join
paper wadded, torn
strewn around the floor.

My pencil, nearly a stub
readies a new sheet,
a clean slate,
radically blurs back and forth
above the paper
as if frustrated to be put to use.

My eyes wander
seeking inspiration
from here to the floor,
suddenly fixated,
glued to one page.

Scattered among the chaos,
words scratched through,
I find what I have
been searching.

What alleviates my fear of writing,
of criticism, and elevates my confidence
to new levels.

I pick up the paper
assemble the words together,
I write,

"No matter what you write,
someone will love it."

Mac McGovern

Mac McGovern's picture

Mac McGovern was born in Dubuque, Iowa and lived there most of his youth. Most of his adult life he served in the US Navy, retiring in 1995. In his years of service, he was fortunate to serve in a variety of assignments at sea, in Naval Hospitals, teaching, and recruiting Medical Professional in Columbus, Ohio and Pensacola, Florida., Currently, he is a retired executive with the largest home improvement company in the panhandle of Florida and is a licensed roofing contractor., Mac writes from the heart and is influenced somewhat by what he sees, feels, hears, and to a larger extent, what is gleamed from his mind’s eye. Today, Mac resides in Pensacola, Florida with the inspiration and love of his life, his wife Sandra.

Last updated October 18, 2011