The Frivolity of Dreaming

Down by the river I sit and dream,
of all the worldly pleasures the mankind screams.
In this there lurks a free irresponsibility,
emancipates me from the smothering vicinity
of fetters of love and compassion, illusions,
carnal sins that deprave, delusions.
Uninhibited I delve into the frivolity of being,
challenge the dogmas of life, as I dream.
In this there seeps a playful buoyancy,
which seeks to unfold in quiet transparency.
Down by the river I sit and dream,
the frivolity of dreaming imbued with a scheme,
a scheme so thoughtless in shape and form,
its silly whimsicality, surprisingly warm.
And if we could all dream like me,
drown like a lunatic in passive frivolity,
Maybe the fetters of a dogmatic realm,
would liberate us humans, we indispensable gems.

Mahi Chauhan

I'm a class 12th student and an aspiring poet. My poems reflect my perceptions on the themes I write about.

Last updated November 18, 2013