The joyful things in life

I found out for shore just the other day, It's a boy our baby boy is on his way. At 35 weeks and only 4 to go with all the excitement and joy my heart run's with overflow. What more can i ask for out of life soon to be two beautiful kids and a wonderful wife i've dreamed so long for this all to come even back when i was young dumb n full of rum. I'm so happy, i can hardly hold it all in side as tears of joy seeps from my eyes. I am happy my son willl be here soon it time we will soon brake out our joyful toons. I love my wife so verry much for having our kids and doing so much. We've been through alot in the past two years but i told her it can only get better from here as we stand together side by side i know together for ever is how we'll be with our children by our side. I wrote this poem for my son to let everyone know he's a special one, there are two others speacial as well my wife and daughte. How i look back now and see how far we've come my heart will continue to grow for my own little family thati've grown adapt to and will be there for the three most important people in my world my wife, son, and little girl

Martin lee Smith

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hi my name is martin i love to write poetry. i hope one of these days that my poetry is read by many. All of my poetry comes from my heart and it takes alot of inspriation to write my poems. my poems are based off of several inspriations, and when intriged by an inspriation its an overwhelming feeling that i know i must put on paper at once. a my mind becomes a super highway of words to be putting into my poems.

Last updated March 02, 2013