walking the lonely path...watching the scenes of life pass by
the pain some cause upon remembrance stabs at the heart
the joy felt at the brighter moments bring a smile to the face
those images viewed each night through our dreams

through the slumber each night...we relive the moments of life
some wished to be forgotten...somehow resurface through dreams
others thought to be forgotten forever...reappear to bring us peace
those images viewed each night through our dreams

we never forget...even when we push them back into the abyss
only to resurface as reminders of what has been done
leaving us to ponder...was there some importance to them after all
those images viewed each night through our dreams

are these the steps we need to reach our laurels of life
do we need to heed what our dreams are trying to say to us
or are they just the nonsense of our mind slipping off into a dreamworld
those images viewed each night through our dreams

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i write out of love for words....the style i use is free verse, where i can create who i am..., i began writing while i cared for my mother, who had alzheimers, as a form of therapy for me....when she died, the poetry stayed with i write about and some dark poetry....where ever my fancy seems to be at the time....i use my personal knowledge and experiences with a lot of them, i am a very private person who enjoys my animals, my grandchildren, my children, when they let me, and the love of my life., several of my poems have appeared in the Taj Mahal Review and some anthologies....i have written three books of poetry, my first was my therapy book, all the poems i had written while caring for my mother called "When There Are Dragons There is Alzheimers". my second book "Through the Maze of Life" was the start of my growth, my third and most recent book is called "Thoughtful Whispers" poems of a growing website is

Last updated August 10, 2011