Kailangan ko'y Yakap

Ang kailangan ko ay yakap
At yakap mo..ang aking pangarap..
Kung sayo ba ako ay lalapit-
Pangarap na yakap kaya- aking makakamit?

Ang kailangan koy yakap mo..
Ngiti mo, ang syang papawi sa..mga luha ko..
Kapag ako ba ay umasa-
Ako kaya ay iyong mapupuna?

Buhay pag yakap ka,ay nais alamin-
Kaya't pag ibig na alay ko- iyo sanang pansinin..
Pumayag ka sana.. Ako ay ibigin din-
At yakapin mo ko, sa ilalim ng mga..bituin..

Ang kailangan ko ay yakap mo..
Dahil puso ko..ay nilalamig-
Kapag wala ka- ako ay nangangaligkig...
Pangarap na yakap mo...iyo sanang madinig..
Mga yakap mo sana... Katumbas Ay pag ibig...

Melissa Sazon Flores

Melissa Sazon Flores's picture

Melissa Sazon Flores, is a proud Filipina and a nurse by profession. At a young age of 23, she is proud product of St Paul University Philippines where she took her post graduate studies- Master of Science in Nursing major in Adult health. Took up her Bachelor Degree at Manila Doctors College and graduated last 2010. Not forget to mention her Highschool- St Francis at Sariaya Quezon- which is according her.. the reason why she started to love making poems., She used to write poems for her beloved mother way back in Highschool- and some of her poems were published in the school newspaper. A proud member of Think and Talk club, Brown Francisan Editors and Brown Franciscan Choir. She is sizzling with passion, a woman that you will surely admire! When you let her speak; hold on to your seat- and when she looks in your eyes.. Youll surely listen to her advice., She is truly thankful, happy and blessed-because God has given her a one of a kind talent, that she can keep and be proud of- forever!, Recently, her passion for writing poems seems to come back once again.Probably it is because she admitted that she was hurt - accidentally.. and then would love to expeess her feelings in an acceptable and proper manner; which is a real woman should be. When we are lost, and feel lost... and when we wouldnt know- how or where to start again.. the best solution- is to express it by writing and perhaps singing., She do hope, that anyone who will have or had a chance to read her poems wont judge her as a person- but instead- will make use of her works as an inspiring item., Please do continue to believe and love the art of poetry- tap your shoulders and congratulate yourself for being a deep person. Do not be afraid to express yourself! That is the real you and everyone should be proud of their ownselves. if you have any question or would like to ask for any advice from Melissa, please dont hesitate to contact her at her personal email- mejares2210@icloud.com.

Last updated September 28, 2013