This dance has never ended

I’d like to retrace the steps
Of our dysrhythmic tango
The rise and fall of breath
The gazes without words
The nights I lay in bed
waiting for your music
to gallop around me in dizzying unpractised steps
The stomping of the feet, the furtive beats went crashing
My eyes were on that dance floor
(You couldn’t hold my hand)
This dance has never ended

Miriam Calleja

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A 1982 girl from Malta who has a passion for words. Some of the poems beg to be written at 4 a.m, others slide into her consciousness and nag for days before being released in their rightful order. Others still join hands with other poems to form stories and performances., "I'd like to retrace the steps of our dysrhythmic tango..."

Last updated October 15, 2014