Mohammed Dib

Brush between your teeth, naked
you'll come out, and begin laughing
about toothpaste. Much commotion.
Remind yourself, Jessamyn.

Bursting out of the bathroom
you will keep sputtering white.
Then just as you appeared,
you'll go back to the bathroom
and to the Heavens begin crying Fred!

Laughing, splashing the mirror
with white stars, and crying out
Fred through your toothpaste.

Simply having cried fredfred.
Not as if it were an appeal.
You simply cried out: Fred!
And I see the day again. That day
I walked into the Biltmore Bar alone
and came out with you on my arm.

But without reminding that
Fred was never my name.
Who, Jessamyn, was Fred?

Or were you crying: friend friend?

Last updated June 30, 2015