Existence is a ring

Aboriginals inhabited the land
They lived hand in hand
No land property
No hunger no poverty
Take what you need
To sustain life with no greed
Inhabitants of the continent
Were simply slaughtered
It was not an accident
It was a demand
With the colonizers nothing mattered
The lands they stole
Deprived a whole
Aboriginal population
From life continuation
They owned, divided and ruled
An economy they goaled
Environmental degradation
Social disintegration
Is what they got
From their plot
Their economic fortune
Is to float in the ocean
Sea level is rising
Completely disguising
Life is threatened
Existence is a ring
Break it to lose everything
Colonizers must understand
Life sustainability
Is an aboriginal ability

An original poem in English by Nada Amine Awar

Nada Amine Awar's picture

I am a female poet, and a writer in Arabic and English. I am also an independent environmental awareness specialist and activist since 1992 when I assisted Dr. Mohammad Khaowli who was the chairman of Geology department in the American University of Beirut to collect signatures for the petition that was submitted to the UN so that the first UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) could be held between 3 June and 14 June 1992 in Rio.., Fourth of January, 1957 I was born in Quarnayel, Lebanon. Being an only daughter among three sons, gave my whole life an aromatic taste., I got a master degree in political science from the American University of Beirut. Mahatma Gandhi is the only politician I follow and respect. Gamal Abd Nasir is the only Arab leader I admire., Rabindranath Tagore is my spiritual master. His poetry, writings, music, and universal thought is a real fountain for my spiritual uplifting., Chief Seattle’s “Message To the Modern World” broadened my views and deepened my interrelationships with Mother Nature and the GREAT SPIRIT., John Lennon is my daily friend. I recognize his song “Imagine” as my national anthem., I am a fan of Yoko Ono; I appreciate what she gave to the “whole world” through her love to John., I believe that the cosmic law is the only law that any creature must follow in order to understand the simple truth of life and death: that is another form of existence.

Last updated June 18, 2015