Death Divine

Since my psyche has languished and  unwilling rhythm; The cryptic confession that my brain do gaze in your suborn power, by your mate-less vision.To me your alarm is higher; your doubtless mild mission! When you lead my soul in higher and do i fade through those tress, With the murmuring leaves of guest less pleasure, deep dwelt of dreary birds, And above, above i will fly, to seek the immortal gate of perceptional pleasure! .with a golden sum of sun ray, i will convey my lord my will of treasure!

Nithin Purple

Nithin Purple's picture

Nithin Purple is an Author, Artist, a Lyrical Poet, who delivers a new style of Romantic and Insightful poetry and stories through his mesmerizing works.He gives a trendy-inventive Literature and is much committed with Nature and its various elements.The Metaphysical connection between human and the world outside is a strong proof of his writings.Visionary and motivational quest oriented topics were keenly selected through out his Literature. A graphic mind in him helps to create his flowery poetic language, which is widely accepted by his audience. He currently lives in the island in the Persian (Arabian) Gulf of ABU-DHABI

Last updated May 02, 2015