To Spirituality

Awake your mind's precious weigh; Does it drives, your soul's wizen health. And he to you is willing; you can't inveigh; Vivid is Apollo, god of light, trust his songs: Gain your providential solemness with fewer aches; Until,a divine you breed with you called  spiritual Eros: Spirituality exists where ever our struggles; An issue of how we fit into greater schemes, That wisdom links, as 'one man in you' with powerful gods, that ritual enlightenment your sin wipes. Depend that god,he leads you high: must  tolerate, forgive and gain yourself. And One new day,you displaced like a sleigh To keep your soul far into his everlasting bowers,honored.

Nithin Purple

Nithin Purple's picture

Nithin Purple is an Indian born post -diplomate, writer, poet and draughtsman, born and raised in, Kerala, is a man of hybrid curiosity with audacious dreams, Who like to tune his own fancied lute through the golden steps of literature and his evergreen fine artistic whim, which took a course in him to nurture his literary skills. He gives importance to cultural studies and science and astrology. A freak who runs back to revolving time, an antique fanatic who have nostalgic dreams to apply in poetry, prose or any sort of creative work. A graphic mind in him helps to force his boundless language that circles a passionate tinge to diffuse his, Career, He likes aggressiveness to keep his visionary ideas by freedom to think and work. He like to travel and experiment his eager thoughts where he is strongly fond of nature and all the, Forms of it.Literature is his keen strength and his sufferings..

Last updated January 14, 2013