Between Two Moments

When passion roars

in our bosoms

for riding on horseback

that breaks through fortresses

or mounting a cloud

to plant in its whiteness

the banners of madness

or ascending a star

to break in its space

the barriers of silence

it’s alright to search for a myth

in whose folds we tuck

a few details that

make known our presence

that they may

give a couple of sparks

or light up a couple of candles

or add a couple of sentences

to the lines of our life, confined

between two moments of the spirit’s manifestations

the moment of its rise

in a dumbfounded embryonic lump

and the moment of its convulsion

in a conquered heartbeat.

Nizar Sartawi's picture

Nizar Sartawi, a Jordanian poet and translator of Palestinian descent, was born in Sarta, Palestine, on February 16, 1951. He received his elementary, intermediate, and high school education in Jerusalem and Nablus schools. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Jordan in Amman. He also holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources Development from the University of Minnesota in the U.S., Sartawi began writing Arabic poetry at the age of 14. In 1980, he abandoned literary writing. However, in 2010, he returned to the world of poetry and literature. His first collection of Arabic poetry, Between Two Eras, was published in 1911. The collection combines his old and new poems., Sartawi translates poetry from English and other languages to Arabic and from Arabic to English. His translations have been published in poetry collections, literary journals, papers, and on the Internet. His translated works include:, - The Prayers Of The Nightingale (2013), Selected Poems by Indian poet Sarojini Naidu., - The Fragments of The Moon (2013), Selected poems by Italian poet Mario Rigli ., - Contemporary Jordanian Poets, Volume I (2013)., - The Eyes Of The Wind (2014), Selected Poems by Tunisian poet Fadhila Messai., - The Soul Dances In Its Cradle (2015), Selected Poems by Danish poet Niels Hav., Sartawi is currently working on a major translation project, Arab Contemporary Poets Series., Sartawi lives with his family in Amman, Jordan. He has one son, three daughters, and six grandchildren.

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