The Battle of an National Icon

by Norma Martiri

Towering gum trees stand majestic
Eucalyptus, nature’s domestic.

Adorable with real distinction
Staring down the barrel of extinction.

Habitats devoured by hungry machines
Apathetic world needs other means.

Frightened koalas cling to felled trees
Greedy developers do as they please.

Urban sprawl, a disease to nature
Progress ensures there’ll be no future.

The race is on to save furry friends
On us our treasured icon depends.

Norma Martiri's picture

Norma Martiri lives and works in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and youngest daughter. She is an emerging writer and brings her life experiences to the written word. Norma loves nature and the simple things in life, and this is reflected in her poetry.

Last updated June 03, 2011