Song of Medical Dick and Medical Davy

by Oliver St. John Gogarty

Oliver St. John Gogarty

The first was Medical Dick
The second was Medical Davy
The first had a Bloody Big Prick
The second had Buckets of Gravy
To show-- to show-- to show what medicals are.

Then out spoke Medical Dick
To his comrade Medical Davy
'I'd swap my Bloody Big Prick
For you with your buckets of Gravy'
To show etc.

'Steady Medical Dick'
Said Sturdy Medical Davy
'There's very little value in a prick
When you haven't got the passage of the gravy.'
To show etc.

'Every bullock were a bull
But for the little matter of a ballocks
If your prick can keep the women full
You'll find they never grumble at its small looks.'
To show etc.

Last updated February 06, 2012