by Orla McGreevy

This morning when I woke I smelt yellow.
It was the rough amber that tickled my nostril hair
but it faded to a perfumed jasmine
after several blinks.

I think I heard the tang of mustard with a lemon
singing in the background, and it was hard
to tell exactly which dessert it resembled,
maybe creamed banana crumble.

But the sound of clanging dishes had me taste such orange
that I couldn’t hear the yellow for much longer
and they blended like Play-Doh
to a fleeting gold.

The gold reminded me of a poem
in that flicker, and the writer’s words
danced the five-step waltzing Matilda
to the landing through my door.

I had had enough of painting.

Orla McGreevy's picture

Orla is a young, up-and-coming local poet from Belfast. She recently graduated from Queens’ University with a degree in English Literature with Creative Writing, specialising throughout her final year in poetry. She wrote her dissertation ‘Index’ under the guidance of extremely talented Irish poet Sinead Morrissey, receiving a first class honours., Orla is an avid follower of all things musical and literary, playing the guitar, drums and writing lyrics, poems and short stories in her spare time. She has written articles and reviews that have been published in several magazines and newspapers across Northern Ireland, focusing on topics such as animal rights, local business and concert, album and book reviews., Currently, Orla’s favourite poet is Mark Doty, both to read and to hear live. She also admires the style and perspective of Jack Underwood, Julia Copus and Neil Gaiman.

Last updated April 30, 2015