Full Moon

Beautiful woman …

Put on that flowery dress
Yes, it arouses me, I confess
And the white hat
And those gypsy sandals,
Please, do not forget

My body is about to ignite
Just thinking what we will do
We shall light up the night
Just me, a hungry soul, and you
Transgressing under the moonlight
Our vow we shall renew
And holding you really tight,
All of me shall be given unto you

Lady …

A full moon is in my sight
And what I am up to,
Is beyond delight
Every vice in you,
I plan to incite
For we’ll be one, tonight, not two

Evil Saints, Innocent Devils

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Currently the Chief Information Officer of PRAGMATECH, Walid Saba received his PhD in Computer Science from Carleton University in 1999. He spent over 18 years in industry working at such places as the American Institutes for Research, AT&T Bell Labs, MetLife, Nortel Networks, IBM and Cognos, Inc. He also taught Computer Science at the University of Windsor, the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), the American University of Beirut, and the American University of Technology. Dr Saba has over 30 publications including an award winning paper that he presented at the 31st Annual German Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

Last updated July 06, 2015