Don't Need Anything

by Pat Mullan

You gave me a present,
A book on Haiku and
I knew what you meant
Without knowing your language

the little brown bird
dies on this bright May morning
hitting the window

I am a strange woman,
I am a free spirit, you said,,
And then you were gone

looking back at the
sun setting over the hill
i am walking tall

we shared this May day
of high skies over Corrib
and picked wild flowers

And, at midnight , you wrote a poem for me;
'You know the colour of the sky in English
I know the smell of the flowers in Japanese
And we know the image of everything
Don't need anything."

AWAKENING: New and Selected Poems by Pat Mullan

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Pat Mullan is a thriller writer and a poet. His recent work has appeared in the anthology, DUBLIN NOIR, published in the USA by Akashic Books and in Ireland and the UK by Brandon Books., You can find his GALWAY NOIR anthology on-line from iPulp Fiction., His poetry appears frequently in the Acorn E-zine of the Dublin Writers Workshop. He has two collections of poetry available on-line, Childhood Hills and Awakening. James Dickey’s Poetry: The Religious Dimension is his elegy to Dickey and is available on-line on Amazon Kindle., His latest novel, Last Days of the Tiger, is now available on Amazon. New thrillers coming soon: Creatures of Habit and Screwed., He is Ireland Chair of International Thriller Writers, Inc., Visit him at:

Last updated September 05, 2011