Five Million

Five million words
Make a long text
That can teach you
How to love your brother.

Five million country
Will never stay peacefully
In our beloved earth
Which finally organises our death.

Five million songs
Are maybe more than
All beautiful songs
Composed by Africans.

Five million dollars
That he has earned
By selling diamonds from
Our begrudgingly wounded Africa;

Five million people
Are on the holy list of those
Who have lost their lives
In their own and beloved Congo.


My name is St Antoine de la VUADI. I am a Congolese from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I was born in Kinshasa where I live. In October 2010 I have had my B.A. in English Language from Université Pédagogique Nationale/Kinshasa. I had my “Diplôme d’Etat” (Baccalaureate) in 2004 at Institut Technique Industriel de la Gombe (I.T.I.- GOMBE) in Electronics stream. I did my primary and secondary schools at ECOLE MASAMBA (ECOMAS – KASA VUBU) in Kinshasa. I am a Novelist and Poet. I write in French and English. Some of my poems can be found in the net., St Antoine de la Vuadi's Published Books:, - 15 poems (2010, free, - Counting Your Love, (2010,,, - Mélodie Encyclopédique, (2010,, - Le Bolingologue (2011,, - Triple Quintessence (2011,

Last updated September 13, 2016