Infinite Journey

Infinite Journey
Infinite journey I do, in this world of seemingly mortal,
I am here right from beginning of the creation, not exactly when.

I have been in different forms, all through this long journey,
And the whole world’s material is nothing but manifestation of me.
I am in each & every minuscule in this universe of immense expanse,
My presence is everywhere, and I am truly an immortal.

Whatever we see or feel are all imbibed in me,
I am the embodiment who carries the whole cosmos in me.
I am everywhere always and my parts have deep relations,
Nothing is foreign though may be distant, but original stuff is one only.

So much inter-connection is available; there is question of no separateness,
and my spread is through the stars, galaxies and deep black holes.
I am dying with stars and taking births with new ones,
I am nothing but always regenerating in all the forms coming.

So many forms, so much expanse & vividity, question is how to manage?
All is in atoms of mind & body, and their constant transformation into new ones.
All are entering into me from far distance & near, and rejuvenate me,
And I am always freshened with new materials constituting me.

I want to venture bodily & intellectually in vast realms of this existence,
And I want to imbibe that expanse, and that is the real journey.
How far mind can go, that is the test of my coming here?
Experience of existence is the real thing and perhaps life also.

I am of the same sub-atomic particles, of this cosmos is built,
Atoms are inner small worlds like star systems and constantly in motion.
Whether we feel or not, there is nothing away from me,
That firm bond with the world imparts constancy to me.

But how can I describe this relation with seemingly other entities,
And how can I feel that intactness, which of course is mine only?
Is that only sameness of atoms which being similar is attached to me,
Or many other forms also and what carries that bond between?

I am composed of same world elements which exist outside also,
They always detach from me and passing in other forms always.
We eat fruits from trees, and vegetables & grains from plants,
We inhale different gases continuously changing into other forms.

All are transformed in us and we build us for some time,
And this new materials come & replace the existing ones.
Similarly what I exit, mixes with other stuff present,
And slowly becomes their part & convert into life-forms.

The whole world is revolving and many cycles work at a time,
We are constantly influenced by others always and influence them also.
We are the same waves which reverberate with same force from back,
And knowingly – unknowingly behave in a particular way, in accordance of acts applied.

My journey in all-round me is happening all the times,
And I am trying to realize that ecstasy in me.
I want to roam in fields available but not opened to me,
And build slowly my awakening that I have deep relations.

New Delhi

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I am a Civil Engineer and Management by education & profession. I write in Hindi and English both prose and poetic.

Last updated December 27, 2014