A Divine Obligation

At that precious moment
Which started propelling my mind’s maturity
Towards its life-time realization
I intensely invoked from within
An eruptive store of heavenly wealth
Probably hidden for all these births in me
To replenish all my past poetic poverty
With an overloaded richness and freshness of those
Soul -soothing and world-beautifying words
Whose source is now unlocked at the depth of my heart
And its treasure now, incessantly streaming all through my veins
Combining all the elements of my life-force
To take me to that distant land of ultimate joy
Which cannot be sighted and destined
By the normal and numb course of actions
Taught to me in this nonsensical world
And now I respire every moment
To resurrect my self potential from the buried past of emptiness
Which is devoid of words......
And to revive it with the pleasing scent of
Bunch of godly blessings
Planted to limitless thickness on my hand to write!
I continuously envisage that moment
Which I’ve realized as my true life ...
And that’s what I take my every breath for!
And I can see my life and its completeness in these
Letters which I write for the sake of that
Lone divinity in me and
I’m destined to fulfill the hunger of my life’s never ending calling
And the sole reason for my sustenance on this earth.
When I pen down my feelings in the form these
Golden honey droplets of infinite sweetness,
Even fierce victories won by
Spilling that boldest burning blood on the battle field
are belittled in my unconquerable imagination as
I’m now resolved to face all the adamant force of this world
With the worth of my words...
Remembering that this is the only doubt- free truth
I can thrive with and
that omen is now resonating in
Clamorous calls of every divinely manifested object around me
Urging upon me to be beautifully described in my words
As to immortalize their granted mortality.
And that divine force whom I’ve been offering my purest of pure worship
now instructs me to compose
A celestial melody of words
To turn this monotonic world into
an unforgettable syllable to sing......
Into a soul reviving wordy wave .......
To breath to eternity
And thus I embark on my journey
With the order of his excellency upon me
Utterly unarmed except with
the boon of freeing myself
from ground to groundless
And from bond to no bond ....
By the agitation of this overflowing passion
Of assuring eternity to everything around me and for which
I humbly beg thy (almighty) hand
To wake me into the path of thy obligation on me!!

Vasishta Sharma Gudi's picture

Vasishta is affectionate to both English and Sanskrit literature but pens mostly in English for better reach. Inspired by day-to-day scenarios, his writings capture deep human connections with inner self., He currently works as Data Scientist at Amazon., You can write to him @ sharma.vasishta@gmail.com

Last updated December 07, 2015