A Dreamer's Dream

by Mario William Vitale

My dreams are woven in the palace of the clouds
Into a paradise garden in the clouds
In a kingdom ruled by all
Where dreamers come to dream their dreams,
And line by line their stories are told
Where weary travelers rest alone
While cold nights take their toll
Where friends can bring their friends
To speak of endless times
Where ships set sail on raging seas
And brave sailors fight against the battles
Pondering comes with their ponderous thoughts,
And encase them in frames of gold
Lovers come to whisper their whims,
And mothers with their better plans
Where children like me come to dream of a better world
A world where you don't have to dream to be happy

Mario William Vitale

Mario William Vitale's picture

Mario Vitale is a poet with over 1, 000 poems towards his credit platform., Mario Vitale was born in Bristol, Ct Has developed a skill for writing poetry in the free verse form. has been featured on Hubpages.com, Starlitecafe.com & Poetry soup. Vitale lives with his elderly mother Ann Soulier in Wolcott, Ct. Currently has written well over 1, 000 poems & 2 short story's toward credit platform., Vitale has taken the poetic world by storm being featured on Google, Yahoo & MSN. Looks up to contemporaries in the poetry industry such as John Ashbery & Major Jackson., Has been a favorite featured poet reader at Barnes & Noble in Waterbury, Ct., Also featured on such sites as Poetry soup, Writer's café & Neo Poet.

Last updated May 01, 2017