A friend like you

We met one day and soon,
In the hearts of me and you;
Reeling back into the past of time,
Into the gleeful rhythm and rhyme,
I saw you there, I saw you bare a smile
With rapture and in all a new,
I saw you run for me a tiring mile.

You extended me a hand to aid,
To seek my heart, to the grimace fade,
To see me until to you saw me there,
You fought and flail, to see my stare.

Your eyes glistened in the luring light,
And I dared to speak a word of fright.
I stuttered once but the words wouldn’t come out,
You spoke my words, for me aloud.

You filled my eyes a rainbow sight,
With colours that never faded once;
And glittering with in the crimson night,
The stars of love were dense.

You lead me down the darkest night
Through the striking, raining pour,
And through the road of impeding dangers
You stood for me at forth.

You helped me when at times in need,
You took the spirit and you did,
Of what I wonder a friend would do,
Whom I did have never before.

Mohammad Hamdaan

I am a very young poet and i love to write novels as well as poetry. I have written a couple of poems and i want to share it globally.

Last updated January 29, 2016