A moment more

As I see the moments pass
I wish nothing but for them to last
A moment more of laughter
and the naughty looks thereafter
A moment more of pretentious fight
Accepting the defeat with pride
A moment more of comforting silence
Understanding through a single glance
A moment more of admiration
Awestruck on your every creation
A moment more of some real talk
Easy access to key for all my locks
A moment more of refreshing smile
Mending my heart, Oh so fragile
A moment more, a moment more..
Wishing there was some more in store
Time slipping out like a wild wave
Washing away the sand castle that i did lay
I crush a little inside
Wishing i could stop the tide
But holding memories close to my heart
Smallest one right from the start
Watching you walk towards your dream
My contentment reached to a level extreme..

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Writing is an hobby for me more than a profession.

Last updated February 17, 2016