A poem for Fran

Be still my beating heart
As for i have been struck by a dart
It doesn't mean to bring me pain,
as it only carries love that i have gained
As if the winds have drawn a path
I shall follow the aftermath
It guides me to an open rift,
a rift that wishes to bestow a gift
That gift is one that i shall keep,
I swear it with my heart so deep
As we all are looking for it,
some would die for a little bit
but i have been blessed
As you might have already guessed,
my feelings for you are what give me unrest
I've tried to hide them all my best,
but even feelings need to protest
And as if my heart were struck by a dart,
it beats ever more desperately for another one's to start

I am a young aspiring poet just expressing their feelings through words

Last updated June 08, 2016