A Song

Truly one could not last long,
Unto one death we've belonged;
So let my music be lasting,
Though I'm still not abiding!

As a creature that has efficience,
Music is part of our existence;
Through its symphonic feature,
Brings different colors to our nature.

From our heart comes sweet melody,
That may be heard by nobody;
But brings life and joy to oneself,
That comforts every distressedness to thyself.

As this sweet melody soon come to birth,
Enhanced by scenic verses that express mirth;
Will now influence every heart,
By its splendid state of art.

By its rhythmical tone,
Mirrored our every emotion;
One feels despair as be likened to sad song,
And being inspired as much as lively song.

Yes, someone finds it as their preference,
Varies differently from which it sense;
One might relate to it so much,
Or their hearts are being touched.

It maybe just words symphonized by melody,
Words that were put together and sung in harmony;
Yet they have changed every man so deeply,
And caused for their lives to have more certainty.

Indeed, the companion of words and tone-
Resembled something we've known;
Perceives by what inside,
Behind of those symbols they hide.

Bearing the meaning expressed by those,
Through lyrical symphony it goes;
Tells us beyond everything,
To deepen our own understanding.

Hence, my young heart is mystified,
Of what force that emanated inside;
It triggers every emotions to transcend,
Above all others as apprehend.

And that could be the most beautiful song,
It isn't just only accompanied by a gong;
It possesses something best,
That lifts ones distinct interest.

Oh, how I love to hear that song anew,
At least, awakes my heart for a few;
Makes me feel alive once more,
Reminisces to things I'd had before.

These what music are created for,
Like a moon that shines along the nightish tour;
Gives clearer view of the darkened place,
To keep us go forth on our life's race.

How lucky we are,
We found not war;
Rhythmically designed for peace,
For harmonious living with ease.

So from now and onward,
Shall sing not bleak but so galliard;
Of what does it meant and convey,
Whatever song it may.

Let our hearts sing a song then,
Because for only one thing I am certain;
As such, it will be suffused with sheer gladness,
Causes something unified by greatness.


Hi, I write poems because I love expressing my feelings and emotions through poetry. So to describe myself as a poet, I am more on using themes like dark and loneliness. Somehow, I still use bright emotions and feelings in some of my compositions.

Last updated November 10, 2016