A vision at night

tonight is the night
which was too horrible to me
no stars, no moons
no lights, no shadows
only me sitting alone
keeping my eyes shut
-cause of the dark
only me, me alone
that place was nor
a heaven neither a hell
even a corner. it was
just a pass way for me
- to waiting for that
horrible creature to kill
or take me to their world
now i am weak
old can't move
i don't know what happened
till this night
one there was days
that was so precious to me
the most happiest days ,memorable which i
spent with every one
i do't know that happened
suddenly i hear a voice
it was that horrible monster
my heart starts betting so fast as like a engine
but i grab hold my mind
to be strong cause it is a necessity
but that sound too familiar
that voice was of my mother
now i was pleased to
know that i am in heaven
she called me again
i opened my eyes
suddenly a fresh flash of light
hit as that the pure light from the
heaven is calling me
but now something is not right
that i am too young
just eleven is it my second life?
but it is the same old room
giving a slap to my head
that i realized that its
its just a dream
i just wished this vision was never ever seen again

Parvathy Pradheeg

my poems is the feelings and thoughts of my life. my views and experience and each and everything that will be linked to one's life

Last updated January 16, 2016