by Archana Kapoor Nagpal

Let us start from where we ended
The dots we had never joined
And the changing shapes of our emotions
That got entangled between us

We reshape our egos into emotions
Yet we struggle in our own perplexities
Few unsaid thoughts and desires –
Or this never ending riddle of doubts

No more questions to ask
No more questions to answer
As destiny decides the course of action
We depart to walk in different directions


Archana Kapoor Nagpal is an internationally published author of four books – '14 Pearls of Inspiration', 'The Road to a Positive Life', ‘A Haiku Per Day’ and 'The Fragrance of a Beautiful Life'. She often participates in the short story competitions, and her winning stories are now part of international anthologies - 'New Love: Anthology of Short Stories' and the ’12 Facets of a Crystal’. She has seen her short stories, poems and Haiku published in other anthologies as well – ‘A Pinch of Love, Peace and Humanity ’, ‘Atoms of Haiku’, and the ‘Ripples of Love’. She has also been actively involved in the editing, proofreading and book designing of these three anthologies., Archana was born in Cairo, Egypt and brought up in 6 different countries of the world. She graduated in B.A. (Honours) English Literature, and worked at one of the Big 4 Consulting Firm until she resigned in 2008. To enhance her academic knowledge and writing skills – she has acquired verified certifications with distinction from different international universities as listed below:,  High-Impact Business Writing by University of California, Irvine on Coursera. Certificate earned on April 8, 2015,  Essentials of Entrepreneurship: Thinking & Action by University of California, Irvine on Coursera. Certificate earned on April 15, 2015.,  Global Health and Humanitarianism by University of Manchester on Coursera. Certificate earned on April 6, 2015.,  International Leadership and Organizational Behavior by Università Bocconi on Coursera. Certificate earned on April 19, 2015, At the age of 16, she was awarded for her very first write-up titled as ‘Karma and Jeevan’ by Hindi Academy – to encourage her to write more often., Archana draws inspiration from true life incidents and writes with the belief that her experiences may help people improve their lives. She is an avid blogger and is currently self–employed as a freelance writer. She writes inspirational content for corporate newsletters, websites, online and print publications. She has written more than 30 short stories and 40 inspiring poems. Her inspirational poems touch every area of a person's life., She enjoys writing haiku, haiga, senryu and tanka. She often participates in haiku, tanka and haiga contests; she has been tremendously appreciated for her submissions so far. She has been awarded a certificate for ‘Commended Mention’, THE KLOSTAR IVANIC HAIKU COMPETITION 2014. Archana has been one of the finalists of RL POETRY AWARD 2014 (Haiku), and her work has been included in the annual RL POETRY AWARD 2014 ANTHOLOGY. A haiku written by her was one of the featured poems on the homepage of a leading website for poems., She has also seen her contest entries among top five in Haiku monthly contests such as Indian Kukai, Caribbean Kukai, WHA Haiga Contest, and et al., She has also seen her poems published in numerous other literary journals, blogs, websites and anthologies including Friday Gurgaon, Whispers, Writers Asylum, VerseWrights, The Bamboo Hut, Frogpond (Issue 37-2) – The Journal of the Haiku Society of America, Under the Basho, Asahi Haikuist Network, HOO-Knows Home & Family Magazine, Harvests of New Millennium (Art & Poetry), Gems (An Anthology of haiku, senryu and sedoka), Taj Mahal Review (An International Literary Journal ), Frameless Sky, Tamarind Magazine, A Hundred Gourds 4.1, DailyHaiga, brass bell: a haiku journal, UHTS (United Haiku and Tanka Society) Cattails, Tulip, Paper Wasp, Prune Juice (Journal of Senryu Kyoka & Haiga), Gnarled Oak, Faces and Places – Haiku Anthology, The Mustard Grain, Ershik #9, Modern Haiku (45:3 Issue), Issa’s Untidy Hut, hedgerow: a journal of small poems, NeverEnding Story (Butterfly Dream Haiku), Chrysanthemum 17 and many others. Her haiku and senryu are translated into Chinese, German and Russian as well. Her two poems – ‘God on Facebook’ and ‘Circle of Life’ are highly acknowledged by other poets, and her readers as well. She has written poems around empowerment of women in India, and eradication of the social evils – dowry, female foeticide, et al., Archana also designs educational videos for social awareness in schools, and NGOs. She also conducts workshop around 'Creative Thinking' and 'Creative Writing' for different schools in India. She has a flair for learning new languages, and she loves to travel to new places as well. In simple words, she is a globetrotter. When she is not writing, which is not often, she enjoys swimming, painting, reading and dancing., Edit, Awards, Awarded a certificate for ‘Commended Mention’, THE KLOSTAR IVANIC HAIKU COMPETITION 2014., The finalists of RL POETRY AWARD 2014 (Haiku), and her works have been included in the annual RL POETRY AWARD 2014 ANTHOLOGY

Last updated February 07, 2017