Behind the Bars

As we know the Lion is a king of Animal's kingdom
but it treated like a slave in the zoo.
Peacock is famous for it's beauty
but it is helpless behind the bars.

God assigned some responsibility
to each creature on this planet.
Then who are we to stop it
behind the bars?

Don't forget!
Humans evolved from apes, it is an animal.
Jail is not home for humans and
zoo is not home for animals.

Neerla Madhu Chander

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I'm Madhu Chander, my home town is Karimnager, that located in Telagana state. I'm doing Engineering with Civil Engineering as my stream.So about my family background concern 5 members of my family. My father working in police department and mother working in health department. I have two brothers, Madhu Shanker, Sai Kumar.The good thing in me is that I respect other's suggestions, ideas and beliefs as much as mine. You can contact me by mailing to

Last updated March 04, 2016