Cabal's of Firefly

When you smile
I see the Moon
In its brightness.

And the dusk in my heart
Becomes light
When you
Look toward me.

Gleams from your eyes…
The warm waves
From your love
Allures me to
Wrap my life,
To shield sadness

When you fondle me
With your feathery hands,
I feel the cabal’s of firefly
Creep into my soul.


Rehmat Changaizi's picture

Poet, writer and philosopher. He was born in Bhakkar, Punjab, Pakistan. He completed master degree in Urdu literature from University of Sargodha, Pakistan. Graduated in Law at M.I.U Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The main theme of his writings is Love and mysticism. His poems have been translated into French, Spanish and Arabic, and have also been published in importants journals, magazines and anthologies at national and international level.

Last updated September 07, 2016