by Andrea Robinson

( Translation )
August 2nd 725 Venice

I carry within myself the remnants- the abrupt pause of an unfinished conversation and while speaking to myself those utterances of a breath and pause may be overheard as one may overhear the words and watch the gestures of a boatman or gondolier leaning toward his passengers-convincing them of his skills in exchange for the correct amount of sequins-
(as he speaks louder ) of his skills in ferrying them across the Grand Canal. Then without a second thought the conversation and the rapid arm movements cease and that tired look from the tourist evaporates and the message of safety across water is conveyed.
Many boatman have spoken to me of their efforts to convince tourists who travel from the roads of Padova and Bologna to leap from the stone embankment and throw down their small cases to them....then he reassures them that soon, very soon his boat will travel at full speed through the waterways and canals of this city...
And if the gondolier speaks his conversation is not heard only a footfall on the vessel and a hand bent with the weight of an oar dragged through the water in many angled directions.

(Translation ) November 25th 1725 Venice

I an walking toward a bare wall.
my fingertip is tracing
perfectly the exact place
where many subjects meet.
They are given life only
by gravity extending
through the fading patterns
of sunlight...
until finally i discover
they have eliminated all
my pencilled outlines... will i describe to you that simple
movement of a hand toward a wall ?
Would you recognise the succession of images
that appear as i stand within this room...
as i watch the reverse of the view outside
(this room ) appearing...or should i describe
that movement of a hand that falls the Palazzo Pesaro
and in the distance the Campanile San Marcuola
Rezzonico, Sagrado and many other views that pause
at the window waiting quietly for me to invite them inside
this room as one does with old friends - the lightness of a smile on my lips a hand poised
for greetings..
that downward stroke - is now a vertical line once a building cut by water crescents you will continue to reconstruct the view and they have remained and turn with you to watch the event of the drawn line.


Hi, I write about landscapes the spaces we occupy, our inhabited world., “All desire creates geography” (Denis Cosgrove).

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