Cooking Time

It is Saturday early afternoon.
Noises come from kitchen. Vegetables
Are cut, and spoon is dipped into the
Chicken soup. The clock shows that it is two
O’clock - ten minutes ‘till the soup is ready.
Parents show their kids how to make pasta sauce.
Two eldest daughters stand next to their mother,
Trying to remember the recipe, while
The other to younger siblings help to
Set the table for lunch. And father feeds the
Youngest child of the five kids. The baby
Boy smiles widely at his father and can’t
Stop laughing. Sometimes, he even puts his hand
Into his apple puree and looks up,
Watching his father’s reaction. “Lunch is
Ready!” mother exclaims as children set
Up the table. “Yum!!!” everyone shouts out. It
Is fun to cook together as family.


My name is Assel, and I am the beginner poet. I am from Kazakhstan but now I study in the United States; currently live in Seattle, WA. I have enjoyed reading poems and am inspired to create some.

Last updated September 09, 2015