Once I tried
To fathom the ocean,
And the deep rumbling
Orchestrated symphony
Of the endless cavalcades
Of those reconvening,
Ebb and flow of
Aquamarine waves
Wrapped in lyrical brevity,
Kept implying deathlessness.

While the spumes
Like rhapsodists in a choir
Made me hear their passacaglia
Of epigrams, missals
And pericopes of life,
Sweeping over my feet
Kissing and trying
To take me back
To the immortality and eternity
Of wisdom and insights.

I found peace.
That is when I found peace.

~Nayanika Dey


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Nayanika Dey is an Indian poetess, born on October 29, 1993 in Durgapur, West Bengal, India. She is a Naji Naaman Literary Laureate 2017, with the honorary title of member of Maison Naaman pour la Culture and also "Wordsmith Writer". Her poems are published in a number of national and international journals and anthologies. Some of them are, The Criterion: An International Journal In English, Galaxy: Multidisciplinary Research Journal, in an American journal, Feathers, Oh My Sweetest Love- A Timeless Treasure, Let The Pen Speak For PEACE: A Poetry for Peace, IMMAGINE & POESIA” 2017, Italy, The Peace Anthology – People against Genocide: Stop Chemical War in Syria, Pilgrims Of Peace, Our Poetry Archive, Symphony of Peace, Rock Pebbles.

Last updated June 30, 2017